Tata Structura Z+ is a brand of high quality galvanized steel tubes for structural applications from Tubes SBU, Tata Steel.

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Tata Structura Z+

Tata Structura Z+ is a brand of high quality galvanized steel tubes for structural applications from Tubes SBU, Tata Steel. Tata Structura Z+ steel tubes have a galvanized coating thickness of 360 GSM of pure Zinc.

Tata Structura Z+ is ideal for making long-lasting structures, especially in corrosive environment having high moisture and salinity content in the air, such as coastal and high rainfall regions.



3 times longer life

Tata Structura Z+ comes with 360 GSM pure zinc coating which offers 3 times more corrosion protection than local GP tubes.


High quality raw material

The DNA of Tata Structura Z+ is high quality Hot Rolled Steel Coils from Tata Steel with assures yield strength of over 210 MPa.


Easy to bend

Tata Structura Z+ offers the flexibility of building exciting and aesthetically appealing structures. Made of ductile steel, Tata Structura Z+ can be bent into any desired shape.


Ideal for welding

Chemical composition of the steel used in Tata Structura Z+ is best suited for welding, thus ensuring strong joints that makes the structures robust.


Tata Structura Z+ is used in a wide range of applications- including making long-lasting Grilles, Railings, Parking Sheds, Pergolas and Fences.

Some prominent applications of Tata Structura Z+ are Roof Structures and Gates.

Roof Structures

Roof Structures have been gaining wide popularity among homeowners. Adding a structure over the existing bare terrace of a home is extremely useful - protecting it from rain and direct heat from the sun while also allowing more usable space all through the year compared to an open terrace.

Homeowners who have built Roof Structures have experienced lower heating of their topmost floors, thus reducing their electricity bills from air conditioning. Also, these Roof Structures are very effective in preventing damages caused due to rainwater leakage.

Roof Structures make a terrace more functional - offering extra covered space for recreational activities, drying clothes, papads and other daily household needs. Moreover, a Roof Structure is like an icing on the cake - it completes the aesthetic look of a home.

Hence, having a strong and durable Roof Structure made using Tata Structura Z+ is very essential for a home.

Here are some Roof Structure designs made using Tata Structura Z+ that you can use for your home -

Dutch Gable

Dutch Gable using Tiles
Dutch Gable using Sheets

Hip and Valley

Hip and Valley using Tiles
Hip and Valley using Sheets

Hip Roof

Hip Roof using Tiles

Parabolic Roof

Parabolic Roof using Sheets

Skylight Roof

Skylight Roof using Sheets

One of the first things that you notice when you enter a home is its gates. To have a long-lasting impression on your visitors, it is important to have well-designed gates for your home.

While aesthetics are very important, strength and durability of your gates is also significant to ensure your home is secure.

Gates made from Tata Structura Z+ meet all three criteria - looks, strength and durability.

Make a long-lasting impressions by using strong and durable Tata Structura Z+ for the gates of your home.

Here are some designs of Gates using Tata Structura Z+ you can use for your home.

Double Swing Gates
Sliding Gates
Single Leaf Gates
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Tata Structura Z+