When repeatedly parked outside without shade, your vehicle becomes susceptible to sun damage not only on the interior dashboard but on the exterior paintwork as well. Not to mention in case of a storm, the possibility of an uprooted tree / branch landing on your car, causing severe damage is quite high. Leaving your vehicle outside under the sun without any shade heats up the interior of your car, making it an uncomfortable hot box.

The solution? A parking shed. This guide will help you design and build a simple car parking shed design for home, using Tata Structura Rectangular hollow steel sections. This shed design is standalone, durable and budget friendly.

residencial car parking shed

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Materials required:

  • 1.Rectangular hollow sections -size of 96x48 mm - Type 1
    2.Rectangular hollow sections -size of 80x40 mm - Type 2
    3.Cement premix + Container + Small Shovel
    5.Safety equipment (welding, general safety)
    6. Fiberglass sheet of choice ( approx 51 sqm area )
material required for car park shed

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Tools required:

  • 1. Stainless Steel section cutter
    2. Scriber
    3. Engineer’s Scale
    4. Welding machine
    5. Bolting machine

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tools for car parking shed

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Determine the number and type of cars and/or two wheelers your parking shed design will house. The dimensions used in this guide will be for the parking requirements of 2 SUVs.

Next determine the roof slope. Here, we will take a pitch of roughly 3/12 (about 15 degrees) to avoid collection of water on the roof.

car parking blue print

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car parking shed mesurement

Cut the steel sections in the following measurements :

Type 1

Taper cut (4 in number) 1,2,3,4 + (angle 15 degrees)
Measurements - 1,2 = 3m & 3,4 = 5m
Straight cut (4 in number) a, b, c, d + Markings on for joists at intervals of 0.5 m on b,d
Measurements - a,c = 6.7m & b,d = 7.5m

Type 2

Straight cut (15 in number) in measurements of 6.7 m

car parking shed angle

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Detail of the Taper cut

Detail of the Taper cut

©Shreya Monalisa

Use of Scriber and Engineers scale for 0.5 m markings


1. Level the ground:

An ideal scenario would be to have a concrete base to work with.
(begin with Step 2 in case the base is yet to be cast)

Level the ground for car parking shed

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2. Make markings and dig holes:

Measure the overall lateral dimensions of the shed on the floor and chalk out the locations of the slits (refer blueprint) then dig 0.5 m (roughly 2ft) deep burrows to house the 96x48 mm hollow steel sections (1,2,3,4 in order) Follow by pouring the prepared cement mix and allow it to set in place.

blue print of car parking shed

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3. Weld Tie beams / Primary members:

Weld the joints of the tie beams on the support members (as in the diagram)
Care must be taken to keep them perpendicular to each other.
The basic frame is ready

angles of car park shed

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4. Weld Joists / Secondary members:

Now weld secondary support members (joists) along the length of d (in the figure) at regular distance of 0.5 m onto member a and c (as shown) The broader face is kept facing up to allow greater surface area to bolt the Fiberglass sheet.

Weld Joints

Source: Exteriorproinc.com

5. Bolt the sheet :

Overlap the fiber sheet as per sheet width and/or ridges. Then place it atop the frame and begin to bolt them in place (ref diagram to determine correct bolting)

Congratulations! Your simple car parking shed design for home is now complete!

A good car parking shed can go a long way in improving the aesthetics of the exterior of your house while also being highly functional. Tata Steel offers a variety of sleek and contemporary designs for Car Parking Sheds that can elevate your home.

tata structura car parking sheds

Source: Ashiyana, Tata Steel

Lanterns, the style mentioned above is light to build and on the eyes. Suitable for one car or many, this is a very popular design. More such designs can be found on TATA Structura Ashiyana website.

So get to designing and building a beautiful home, not just for yourself, but for your cars as well. Know your Terminologies

know your terminologies - Car parking shed

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