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The consideration for safety over aesthetics has always been the guiding principle behind the design of ornamentation with metals. Grills are decorative gratings that act as highly functional security features apart from allowing light and ventilation into the spaces. From aesthetics to security, grills have evolved over the years and can be made in different materials, sizes, and shapes for windows, doors, ceilings, walls, niches, and architectural accents. This is an example of a budget-friendly modern grill design.


1. 2” x 2” TATA Steel Hollow section
2. 1/2” TATA Steel Hollow section
3. SS putty
4. SS primer
5. Metallic paint

Tools and equipment:

1. Measuring tape S
2. Charcoal pencils
3. Angle Grinder
4. Triangle ruler
5. Ball peen hammer
6. Engineer square
7. Welding machine
8. Safety gear
9. Metal scroll bender
10. Air spray paint gun

patterned grill designs

©Jinal Bhatt

How to Build:

1. First, measure the opening of the window where the grill is to be placed.

2. A 50mm x 50mm TATA Steel Hollow Section has been considered to make the framework in this modern window grill. Place the square section in the perimeter of the window frame.

3. Mark the length of the window on the square section on both sides and then mark a 45-degree angle on both sides of the line marked using a triangle ruler.

4. Using an angle grinder, cut through the metal over the lines marked earlier. Make sure to not cut all the way through and stop when the cutter reaches the bottom face of the steel section.

5. On the workbench, fix the SHS section and start bending it using a hammer from the cut until the 45-degree angle cut comes face to face to form a mitre joint. Check the squareness of the edge using an engineered square. Repeat the same steps until we have the rectangular frame ready.

6. Now using a welding machine, weld the mitre joint as cleanly as possible. Remove the excess welding bead using a 40 grit flap disc on an angle grinder. SS putty can also be used to fill in joints and smooth out rough faces.

7. A 1⁄2” SHS section has been used here, but a 1⁄2” MS can be used as well. Cut all the sections in the sizes as per the design.

8. Use a metal scroll bender for scrolling and ornamenting MS as per desired size and shape and then weld them together.

9. To finish the surface, use a belt sander machine to achieve a brushed finish.

10. Clean the surface and apply SS primer before spraying the paint on the window grill. A charcoal color finish will go with the modern theme.

11. Use bolts to fix the window in place.

And voila! Your modern-style window grill is ready!

Here are some grill designs to spend your evenings at your balconies. Be it any kind of patterned grill, it’s always aesthetically pleasing!

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Source: Ashiyana, Tata Steel

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