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Lightweight and high strength, Tata Structura enables engineers to develop and construct large buildings which are used for various applications. Bridges, Airport terminals and Stadiums are just some of the constructions that use Tata Structura products.

What's New

  • Tata Structura has been awarded : "The best steel company of the year" by the Construction Times Award 2016.

  • High strength Hollow Section from Tata Structura confirming to YST 355 to be introduced soon in India... watch this space.

Happy Bday Tata Structura !!!
Wishing Tata Structura a very happy 11th Birthday, 14.12.16

  • Products

    Rectangular, Square and Circular Steel Hollow Sections

    Tata Structura products are available in three categories which have multiple applications in various segments.


  • 25.04.2015

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iconic steel structures

Impressive structures built using Tata Structura
products providing a glimpse of the future.

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