Lightweight and high strength, Tata Structura enables engineers to develop and construct large buildings which are used for various applications. Bridges, Airport terminals and Stadiums are just some of the constructions that use Tata Structura products.


The application of Tata Structura tubes for construction and architectural purposes provides various advantages and benefits -

  • No End Burr
    • Saves time
    • Prevents wastage of material
    • Prevents injuries
  • Straightness of Tubes
    • Saves time and effort
  • No Twisting of Tube
    • Prevents wastage of material
  • Rust-Free Surface Finish
    • Saves time and effort
  • Good Chemistry for Welding
    • Prevents wastage of material
  • Good Chemistry for Bending
    • Saves time and effort
  • Good Strength
    • Leads to lower consumption of steel
    • Provides a saving in cost
  • Strong weld line
    • Ensures tubes are safe and secure
    • Saves time and effort while welding